Happy Independence Day America … and a simple workbench repair for a ThrowBack Thursday memory #TBT

Posted By on July 4, 2024

Workbench scar

Five or so years ago while working in the garage, I damaged the oak banding edge on my workbench. It continued to bug me until I tried some car body filler as a repair. It has been fantastic ever since and continues to remind me that there’s a simple, economical fix for nearly everything.

To this day, all the scars on my benches and stools are Rolling eyes emojigreat memories … and even work as a “filler – filler” for today’s ThrowBack Thursday #TBT

Wishing all my patriot friends an enjoyable Independence Day.

On this day, we gather round, To celebrate freedom’s sacred ground, The 4th of July, a day so bright, A beacon of hope, a shining light.

Fireworks DisplayThe echoes of the past resound, As patriots fought for freedom’s crown, Their bravery and sacrifice we hold dear, And honor their legacy, year by year.

The stars and stripes, a symbol true, Of liberty and justice, shining through, The red, white, and blue, a color scheme, A representation of the American dream.

We celebrate the birth of a nation, A land of the free, where all can participate, In the pursuit of happiness, we’re free to roam, And chase our dreams, under the stars at home.

So let the fireworks light up the sky, And the sound of freedom’s anthem, echo by, Let us remember the sacrifices made, And the courage of those who paved the way.

On this Independence Day, we stand tall, United as one, we celebrate it all, The freedom, the liberty, the justice we hold dear, And the American spirit, that’s always near.

Happy 4th of July, America!


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