Impulse buy from Apple –refurbished AppleTV for $59

Posted By on March 11, 2015


The Apple event earlier this week had be jumping to pick up an AppleTV with the price drop to $69 (opted for refurb)… if for nothing else, a device to plug into the TV on the boat and play video from my iPhone or iPad. Also, it is possible I’ve was bitten by the “want for a new gadget” after watching the Apple event … even though I already have an older Roku!


  • So far so good with the “old” version of AppleTV. Perhaps the best feature is that it is easy to share content from an iPhone or iPad on the big tv screen … can’t say I’m all that positive as to the content available as compared to the Roku2. That said, this old refurbished model will set me up for wanting the next AppleTV later this year.

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