Apple announces new MacBook and more on the AppleWatch

Posted By on March 9, 2015


I ate a late lunch today and watched the live Apple product announcement events. The stock price moved up $3/sh to $129ish as the events were mentioned. Before the “main event Apple Watch” comments, Tim Cook and his team announced an HBONow ($14.99) exclusive tie to their devices as well as a lower price on AppleTV (was $99, now $69). The new MacBook was announced as the lightest (2 lb) notebook. It is smaller than the MacBook Air line and much smaller than the powerful MacBook Pro line. The new MacBook has a 12” retina screen and price at $1299 and $1599 for more memory and storage.


The big event is the Apple Watch announcement which was pre-announced in the fall. The new watch has many feature which are common to the iPhone and might make the watch interesting for those who need the latest tech. My thoughts are that it is not a must have item “just yet.” Still … it is a very attractive and interesting gadget.


Updates and reminders are great features as is music and phone … but until Siri (the voice response) is really full featured and gains some artificial intelligence, I’m not sure its ready for my wrist. Everything is controlled from the iPhone, so owning an iPhone is mandatory and has an 18 hour battery life with a magnetic charger. Prices vary based on the premium design (ie. gold) called “collections” and prices start at $349 (38mm)/ $399 (42mm) for their Aluminum Watches and $549-1049 (38mm)/ $599-1099 (42mm) for the Stainless Steel versions. (Gold Watches are $10,000+). They will be available for pre-order on April 10th.  At the close of the announcements, $AAPL stock price faded from the day high $129.46 to about $127/share.



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