Follow up: Finished painting and reassembly of the lawn trailer

Posted By on July 26, 2015

How old is this utility lawn and garden trailer? If you haven't been reading along, it's 40 years old. Of course close inspection would indicated that their was rust, but all in all, my father-in-law's old trailer came back to life nicely … and the green is much more in keeping with our old John Deere 330 from the 1980s.



  • BW Russo

    What kind of John Deere mower do you have? Do you want to sell it?

    • Bill — How have you been? Long time no comment. 🙂

      But no we’re going to hang on to our old reliable John Deere for yard and garden (and snow) chores. The zero-turn Kubota is not useful for much more than mowing, but it is very good at that.

      The John Deere is a 330 … or 3 series like the 318 of old. It is a diesel (Yanmar) and is a nice size machine. Here are a few more photos.

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