CinciTDI Intake Cleaning GTG

Posted By on August 22, 2005

Group of TDIs

“The morning after” the great CinciTDI “Intake Cleaning” GTG, or party depending on your perspective, sort of left me melancholy. The August GTG day is now gone after a long time in coming, and was even more successful than I envisioned. The real THANK YOU goes to Bruce for the mechanical aptitude and ‘nuts and bolts’ preparation to cover all the possible glitches; I don’t know what you could have done better except perhaps bringing your twin brother? Your generous giving nature make me proud to be associated with this group. I WILL speak for all of us and offer a big group “thank you” to Bruce for everything he has … AND CONTINUES to do for CinciTDI.

Group under Tarp

The day started about 0830 and things were already quite muggy, but once the parts started coming off and the sweat flowing, I didn’t hear anyone complaining? Tim Hunter’s tarp and the extra shade canopies made working in the hot sun bearable as we were able to park cars nose to nose in able to share tools and shade. The afternoon wind and rain was a nice break as we’ll all stood for a few moments holding everything in place. I don’t recall any major problems, although there were a few leaks when a few intakes went back together. Everyone brought drinks and plenty of extra water and heard several reminders to stay hydrated … I think Eric left the biggest sweat puddle and pile of intake ‘gunk.’ : ) It is amazing these cars can continue to run blocked that much.

Cleaning the Gunk


A couple of things that might have missed the eyes of folks with their heads buried under their own hoods were the multiple maintain items that Jerry was able to accomplish on his 2005 Passat TDI Wagon …. a PD. He was going to tackle the Intake cleaning as he is aready over 90,000 miles. (That might have been a sleeping bag and toothbrush in the back seat???) Anyway Jerry was happy to get the regular maintenence items … and felt doing his intake cleaning while a dozen others were going on might be overkill, considering nobody here has taken the PD intake off yet. (It did look accessable though, once the airbox was out) Ernest was able to check some codes and reset his CEL as were a couple of other cars. Dan was the most comical considering the 3 leaking new injectors … it would have been interesting to have been hiding in the back seat listening to his wife on the way home. 🙂 We found out that Tom can’t be trusted to take cookies home to his wife and I highly doubt she even got ONE! : ) I hope ‘young’ Charles feels better as I know he wanted to do his intake. He arrived a little late and under the weather, but help by running the intakes to the car wash with others demonstrating the blasting of the final ‘gunk’ out. Maybe we can get your car done another weekend, nevertheless we appreciated all the extra ice and help while under the weather?

Working under the hood

Jerry and Ernest

Dave under Greascar hood
Even ‘famous’ Dave was their working on his Jetta TDI Greasecar!

I know I’ve probably neglected the many others that gave of themselves and in particular went overboard to help clean up. Eric and Tim after completing their own intakes cleaned up the final extra intakes that were soaking; that was over an beyond, but I know Bruce appreciated not having to take filthy intakes home. (also Eric, thanks for taking the many gallons of dirty solvent with you) BTW, Dan … thank Kristin for keeping Brenda company and helping set up and clean up all the food.

This group is amazing … the way everyone selflessly worked together in making sure each car was put back together and every tool back to its rightful owner. I can’t imagine hanging out with a nicer group of people. Brenda and I want to thank each one of you for bringing the extra food and drinks (Potato salad and chips for the week!) There were a few items left behind; if they go unclaimed, I will toss them in the ‘community toolbox.’

The CinciTDI group deserves a pat on the back as this was perhaps the most productive GTG I’ve every part of. Great job.


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