Gillette introduces 5 blade razor

Posted By on September 14, 2005

The last major release in ‘razor hype’ from Gillette was the the “Mach 3” in 1998. They have had several other added components like batteries, and lubrication strips but today’s announcement is a big move, as they move past the Shick branded “Quattro” 4 bladed razor. The new “Fusion” razor will not only contain 5 blades that are closely spaced, two lubricated strips, but the battery version will has a microprocessor chip that will monitor battery power and even optimize the ‘vibration component. (also it will tell you went to change the battery – Gillette brand of course!)

Fusion 5 Bladed RazorFor those needing to be on the “cutting edge” (pun intended) of shaving technology … the new Gillette Fusion is your razor. 🙂 The manual version (pictured above)will be available in North America in the first quarter of 2006 and has a retail price of $9.99 with two cartridges. The power model hits stores at the same time and comes with a one cartridge and a AAA battery for $11.99.

Gillette (G) is trading at down slightly at $53.50 on this announcement. The Proctor and Gamble purchase of Gillette is still on track. This will create an even bigger powerhouse in the consumer product industry.


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