Discovered! A red faced, wattled honeyeater

Posted By on February 7, 2006

New Guinea MapYes, discovered –a red faced, wattled honeyeater — its a bird.
An area high in the rainforest of New Guinea is being described as the “lost world.” I read through an article published yesterday in “The Independent” that details the unknown and rare animals that have been discovered by a team of international scientists. Bruce Beehler, of the American group Conservative International, led the expedition that recorded several new species of birds, frogs, butterflies and palms. The expedition explored this “Garden of Eden” in November and December of 2005 in this area untouched by man.

The teams jungle camp site was surrounded by giant flowers and unknown plants. The scientists watched rare birds, strange mammals, tree kangaroos and spiny anteaters. Interestingly these animals “appeared totally unafraid, suggesting no previous contact with humans.”

Bruce Beehler explained that “We found dozens, if not hundreds, of new species in what is probably the most pristine ecosystem in the whole Asian-Pacific region. There were so many new things it was almost overwhelming. And we have only scratched the surface of what is there.”

According to the interesting article, the scientists hope to return this year.


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