Panorama while taking a break from yardwork #MemorialDay17

Posted By on May 31, 2017


A catch up post of the end of the month is a panoramic photo from my aging iPhone5s while taking a break from yardwork over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was great for getting a lot of very late spring chores done. There is still plenty to do, but hopefully the yard, pool and patio might be halfway in shape for summer after another weekend of work. (loved getting a pic of our ‘old’ John Deere 330 diesel and repaired and repainted the lawn trailer from DadH in the photo!)

Of course the weekend wouldn’t have been complete without grilling with family — Taylor was over for dinner on Monday night and we had "baby-talk" with Annalyn (and "normal-talk" with Katelyn and Drew) via FaceTime from Wayzata, Minnesota. They are in countdown mode for their move to Toledo, Ohio next month (the photo of my iPad with my iPhone5s below is not bad, but then again the subjects were exceptional!)

Click for larger photo and then YOU tell me they are not mother and daughter
Katelyn photo in bottom right at about Annalyn’s age in 1986?


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