Freshen up those old Sperry Topsiders for summer

Posted By on June 1, 2015


With summertime around the corner, it is time to update on what has almost become an annual boat shoe post (Post 1, 2, 3).  Seasons aside, there reallyWhiteLacedTopsiders isn’t a time that isn’t right for Sperry Topsiders … in my opinion … but wearing a T-shirt, a pair of shorts and having warm weather makes wearing them an easy choice. They slip on fast, cover the toes, keep your heels in place and even keep your feet dry when walking in the morning dew … especially when they are waxed. Since most leather boat shoe wearers go sockless, a little attention to drying shoes, sweat and foot odor, insoles and leather care can help your shoe last longer and go the distance.

Five tips for your leather boat shoes

  1. Clean your shoes with a soft brush to remove dirty and dust and keep them dry
  2. Rub the leather with some “light” shoe polish or beeswax waterproofing
  3. Consider resoling if the uppers are still in good shape … few shoes are as comfortable as the ones you’ve already broken in with your own foot.
  4. Re-lace with new leather… easy to do. (I even wax or add a little polish before installing them –  polished the white ones above when they were dirty)
  5. The best for last: Add new/better insoles – my preferred brand is Sof Sole 


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