Android to be an available OS on Acer netbooks

Posted By on June 2, 2009

Android logoInternet giant Google continues to make it presence known as they have landed Acer, Inc,  the world’s third largest computer maker,  as a client for its Android Operating System.  They will be shipping a new netbook PC in the third quarter this year with a competitive OS to Microsoft’s windows or open source Linux OS. Netbooks are the new sub $500 very portable PCs that are selling well in a weak economy; these small computers provided decent access to the Internet and fair performance for portable computing needs.

Acer Aspire One

Acer to Produce Netbook Using Google Operating System

Taiwan-based Acer, the world’s third-largest personal-computer maker by revenue, on Tuesday said it will start shipping the new netbook PCs in the third quarter. The move comes as Acer and other companies, including larger rivals Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc., try to diversify their offerings of netbooks — small, inexpensive laptop computers that are increasingly popular.

Microsoft’s Windows software remains by far the most widely used operating system for PCs, but the growing use of mobile devices is threatening to erode that dominance. Google unveiled Android last year for smart phones, an area in which Microsoft has struggled to replicate its success with Windows. In recent months, the Google software also has made apparent inroads into the PC segment, with several other major companies, including H-P and Dell, indicating they are considering using Android in netbooks. Acer is the first major PC maker to formally unveil an Android-based netbook.


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