Speaking of apartments (yesterday’s post), my son has one too

Posted By on June 2, 2011

TaylorGrillinAtNewPlace1105I felt a little guilty talking about my daughter’s new ‘digs’ yesterday since my son has settled into his new shared house (3 guys) while taking summer classes Miami University in Oxford Ohio as well. In fact, he had us over and grilled brats, dogs and burgers – quite the host! Thanks, Taylor! We had a good meal, great time playing foosball on the front porch and enjoyed the less crowded summer tour of the buildings (including my old office when I was teaching there). A few memories came back as well, particularly when Taylor pointed out a few of his hidden kwithTooMuchSun110531study nooks … I recall doing that same thing! (Random thought: Here’s an interesting article on Memories from the Weekend WSJ.)

The enjoyable Memorial Day recreation aside, when I returned home it was time to tackle the task of cleaning patios, washing off the furniture and pulling cushions out of storage. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to replacing the broken pool tiles, but the 86 degree water and 97-degree temperatures made the pool a real treat this past weekend. We all enjoyed spending time in the water and some a little too much sun (photo left)!


Also an early Happy Birthday to Taylor … whew, 22 yo this year? 🙂

PoolDay110530 DKinPool110530

Photos taken with original Palm Pre and the one with coffee cup with Katelyn’s Sprint  EVO 4G
(click for larger photos)


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