Biodiesel Celeb Daryl Hannah is up a tree

Posted By on June 3, 2006

Daryl Hannah and Greta Van SusterenDaryl Hannah is tree sitting with a few other notables (Julia “Butterfly” Hill and John Quigley) in hopes to save 14 acres of produce producing land known as South Central Farms. These acres are located at 41st and Alameda Streets in Los Angeles, California, not an area you would expect to see a productive farm co-op? Besides being a celebrity and recognized athletic actress since 1982, she is best known as the pretty face behind the alternative fuel called biodiesel and is an advocate for many environmental causes. (if she’s the pretty face that would make Willie Nelson the … hmm … )

Besides the video blog, Greta Van Susteren in her FoxNews program “On The Record” did a short report tonight on the South Central Farms with Ms. Hannah. No mention of biodiesel, but some interesting background on the property and what a handful of people are trying to do to save the greenspace. No doubt the $16 million the current property owner wants for the 14 acres is a lot to raise for ‘farmland,’ but perhaps its more than just produce producing property in the middle of downtown Los Angeles? Let’s hope some LA city planners see some way to keep this land in its present form.

On the Record June 2, 2006


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