Video: Vee Dub … “Unpimped”

Posted By on February 24, 2006

I can’t help myself … here are three quick “Vee Dub” commercials that we may not see in America?
EDIT: Thanks to Dennis and Ron, I will retract my “may not see in America” comment as according to these two automotive gurus, the ads are aready here! I need to watch more TV … “honey, can I pull you away from Olympic Figure Skating for a little “Speed TV?” 🙂

Number Vvvvone… “eine”

Number two… “zwei”

Number three … “drei”


  • Dennis Coyle

    I have seen the first 2 video clips on US TV. You must not be waching enought SpeedTV.

    Dennis (In-Shelby on CinciTDI and TDIClub)

  • That is dope hotness yo! I gotta get my fly 88Pacer unpimped in Vdub style.

  • Dan Sycks

    I think I have watched these things like 20 times each now. I just giggle and near pee myself every time.

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