VW Touareg’s “Little Brother”

Posted By on February 17, 2006

VW Golf SUV LookAutomotive News published a story shedding a few more details on Volkswagen’s new Golf-sized SUV code named “Concept A.” VW brand chairman Wolfgang Bernhard indicated that they wanted to have a vehicle that would compete with the BMW X3 (I’m not sure they can?) and referred to the Concept A as the Touareg’s “Little Brother.” Cute, huh?

The Golf sized SUV will be unveiled publicly at the Geneva Auto Show the final week of this month and begin production as a 2007 vehicle. According to Bernard it will be marketed “with a reasonable price” and will be a “go-anywhere” coupe. The photo above is of the concept, although according to Jason Stein of Automotive News, “the production version of the one-off show car will be less flamboyant in production form.”

Powertrain options are stated to be initially VW’s 148 hp 1.4 liter direct-injection Twin Super and Turbo charger engine that is found in the European Golf GT. The supercharger offers low end pull and the turbo charger kicks in at the higher RPMs. Stein reports that it is rumored the Golf GTI 197 hp turbocharged 2.0 liter and the Golf GTD’s 170 hp 2.0 liter turbodiesel could be offerred.



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