Lubrication choices for your car

Posted By on February 18, 2006

Motorweek Goss' GarageHow many specialty lubricants are made for cars? I don’t know but there sure are a bunch. Do we need them all? I participate in several car forums and nothing causes as much debate as what oils and lubricants to use in and on our cars. Opinions vary and loyalty to brands can generate strong emotions. To appease the masses, about the only safe conclusion is to refer to the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. (although if you drive a VW TDI there will be disagreement even with that!)
For some general advice, a February 2006 episode of Motorweek is worth listening too. In the Goss’ Garage segment, Pat Goss reviews a few specialty products that do-it-yourself mechanics often overlook; be sure to check out the short Quicktime video clip to see what he recommends.

Pat Goss explains lubricants – Motorweek Feb 2006


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