Teacher/Student relationships

Posted By on May 12, 2006

It’s amazing to me that with all the recent news coverage that any teacher thinking about having relationships or inproperly interacting with students could still allow it to happen, let alone encourage it. Teachers certainly know better and shockingly are not showing judgement worthy of their position of trust.
JohnsonIt hit pretty close to home yesterday when a local teacher in our Lakota district was arrested. According to local news reports, Angela Johnson a Lakota East High School teacher, was alleged to have sent unusual gifts (underwear) to a male student and sent inappropriate text messages by cell phone since January. Its sad to see someone who has the trust of the community, after investing years of education, waste it all by knowingly interacting with a student. I doubt her employment can continue in our Southwestern Ohio school district, yet since the student was eighteen I suspect she will not be facing jail charges? Hopefully with this kind of attention and quick response by administrators (and resources officers), the school district is able serve notice to other teachers to be ‘overly careful’ in how they interact with students.

New Brief from the Associated Press via Ohio.com. EDIT: A morning update on this story with additional detail was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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