Ohio’s Myers Motors all electric NmG

Posted By on June 26, 2006

With the cost of fuel hovering just below $3.00 a gallon, alternative vehicles are becoming more and more attractive to average citizens. Unfortunately most alternative vehicles are only suited for weekend mechanics or people with expendable income. Enter Myers Motors and their all electric NmG (No More Gas). I had the good fortune last week while traveling to stop and visit with Dana Meyers, the president of Myers Motors. We had an enjoyable interview and a test drive in their little electric vehicle in Tallmadge Ohio.

NmG at Myers MotorsThe Myers Motors design originally was part of the Corbin Motors company in Hollister California. The Sparrow as it was known, was built between 2000 to late 2002 before Corbin Motors filed bankruptcy. The futuristic looking electric car (licensed as a motorcycle) sold for a reasonable MSRP $13,900 to about 350 fortunate owners. Myers Motors purchased the assets including a bunch of ‘shells’ and redesigned (and continues improve) the electrics and drive train. This new vehicle, the NmG, runs on three wheels, handles like a go-cart. It accelerates extraordinarily quickly to a top speed of 70 mph; believe me it is quick — I shockingly found this out while pulling into traffic and chirping the single rear drive wheel. I think I was expecting golf cart like acceleration.
NmG interior
According to Dana Myers, he sees a bright future for electric vehicles. Not only is their vehicle unique, it is also reasonable to operate. The simple electrics are designed to recharge at home from either a 220 or 110 outlet and can be fully recharged in 6-8 hours for about 55 cents at 11 cents per kilowatt hour. (quicker with the 220 charger) Myers research shows that most people commute less than 20 miles and are with one person in the vehicle where the NmG is perfectly suited. My primary pet peeve with the all electric NmG is that the range using 13 gell cell batteries is only about 30 hours. (see online manual)
Hand assembly of the NmG
Nevertheless, the electric NmG was very impressive. The hand built vehicles are constructed by craftsmen in a nice size facility in northeastern Ohio. (close to Akron) From the electric windows to the excellent instrumentation, I felt my lime green test ride was surprisingly comfortable. The little one seater has windshield wipers, heater/defroster, audio system and a cute little 6 cubic foot trunk. The would be gas door hids a recharging plug.
Dana Myers shows off the NmG
Dana Myers had to make several concessions to keep the MSRP at $24,900, this includes the very safe but somewhat low tech batteries that give an unacceptable range even for electric vehicles, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see just what can be accomplished with A123 Battery package or an eventual fuel cell system?
Myers Motors facility
All in all, I enjoyed my visit with Dana and his enthusiasm for the NmG. I wish him well at marketing a one seat vehicle that can only go 30 miles between charges. If you are interested in adding a fun to drive EV to your garage, be sure to contact Myers Motors at 330.630.3768 or visit www.myersmotors.com to checkout the NmG.
Rich with NmG

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