Does Judge Connor need to go?

Posted By on June 17, 2006

ConnorMore national news coverage from the press on Franklin County Ohio’s Judge Connor. (see previous comment) Bill Oreilly on his FoxNews program “The Factor” covered some additional disconcerting cases that all seem to point to a failure of the justice system to fairly sentence and protect citizens. Obviously the voters elected this judge but I suspect his true colors were not presented?

On O’Reilly’s program tonight, he interviewed the mothers of two young people that were killed by a drunk driver who Judge John Connor refused to incarcerate, even though there were many additional offenses.  Listening to the the two moms is emotional; their losses were preventable and most likely their kids would still have been alive if the repeat drunk driver would have been in a courtroom other than Connors. No surprise, this was the same Judge John Connor that has been convicted twice of DUI and arrested several other alcohol/drug charges himself, according to “The Factor.” As if poor judgement in this case wasn’t enough, he also sentenced a repeat child rapist to probation a few months ago. Thankfully the spotlight was put on him and now there is a movement in Ohio to remove this sitting judge. If you live in Ohio, you might consider voicing your opinion to our attorney general as well as Governor Taft.

If you live outside of Franklin County, Ohio:

  • If you’d like to contact Ohio Governor Bob Taft about Judge Connor, visit to send him a message. You can also contact his office by telephone at (614) 466-3555.
  • Persons
    outside of Franklin County, Ohio who wish to learn more, donate to or
    support the Justice League of Ohio are welcome to log on to or call (614) 848-8500.

If you live inside Franklin County, Ohio:

  • Feel free to contact Governor Taft’s office at or (614) 466-3555.
  • The Justice League of Ohio ( or (614) 848-8500) may be spearheading a petition to remove Connor; check their site in the coming days for additional information. The petition will be open ONLY to residents of Franklin County, Ohio.

The O’Reilly Factor – June 16, 2006


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