Cummins to produce light-duty diesel engine

Posted By on July 27, 2006

Cummins diesel engineCummins has indicated that they will begin producing a light-duty diesel engine in a press release today. They will be working with “a major automotive manufacturer serving the North American market.” They will not announce the partner, but indicated that the high performance light-duty diesel will be used in vehicles under 8,500 pounds. Most assume this new Cummins diesel will fit standard pickup trucks and SUVs from a domestic manufacturer. (my guess would be a Chrysler product due to their current relationship with heavy duty Dodge pickups)

Don’t look for these new diesel to arrive quickly as the press release also indicates that it is targeted for the ‘end of the decade.’ They stated that “this diesel engine will provide an average of 30 percent fuel savings,” something Americans could use right now! A significant factor in developing this diesel was due to the “result of a nine-year partnership between Cummins and the US Department of Energy.” No site as been selected by Cummins management but they did indicated expecting to hire an additional 600 employees. All in all, it is positive news for diesel engines in the US. (unfortunately we are still way behind Europe in diesel technology and production of efficient diesel vehicles)


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