Mozilla Firefox Critical update

Posted By on July 28, 2006

FireFox Critical update

For those of you using Mozilla Firefox, you will want to check your browser version and be sure to update it to the latest version. There have been a couple of security issues with previous versions and those running the Firefox browser would be advised to update as soon as possible.

According to HD Moore, the researcher who heads up MOBB (Month of Browser Bugs), there is a “vulnerability in the Firefox browser allows a so-called “race condition” in JavaScript’s garbage collector, which lets an attacker execute arbitrary code and ultimately load adware and malware, or destroy the hard disk.” Mr. Moore agreed to hold off on reporting the bug until after Mozilla had released the updates to its browser due to criticism that they have published bugs before vendors have patched the problems.

Mozilla released the new Firefox version patches the JavaScript bug as well as 12 other vulnerabilities, 7 of those which Mozilla categorized as “critical,.”


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