eFlybook at AirVenture 2006

Posted By on July 23, 2006

eFlyBookeFlybook is on sale for pilots at myairplane.com for $899.00 which includes a 6 month update subscription to charts and data. It is one of the first ‘electronic paper’ products out this year. The much ballyhooed Sony Reader has made its way around trade shows, but is not available to the public just yet.

ARINC Incorporated is marketing the eFlybook using iRex Technologies electronic paper based eReader system called the iRex Iliad ER 0100. The product is tailored for the aviation market and provided a non-glare white plastic screen that displays electronic documents just as if they were printed on traditional paper.

“A user can also “write” on the screen with a stylus just like regular paper. The handwriting can be captured electronically, stored and erased, and the screen can be used again and again. The iRex iLiad has a high-resolution black and white display that closely matches the appearance of printed paper. The glare-free white surface incorporates iRex’s high-brightness electrophoretic display technology which remains as clear and readable as paper under all conditions, including direct sunlight.”

ARINC eFlyBookâ„¢, a self-powered portable flight document library intended for use by U.S. based general aviation pilots. It stores hundreds of FAA charts and essential documents in memory and displays them with high legibility on the electronic paper screen.

ARINC introduced eFlyBook will be available for review at the world’s largest general aviation gather, AirVenture 2006, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


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