Honda: Civic, Accord or CR-V?

Posted By on July 23, 2006

2006 Honda AccordDon’t get too worried that I’m switching automotive brand loyalty just yet, but with Honda eventually entering the US diesel game I’m going to be taking a close look. (within 3 years we’ve been told) A recent article in the Atlanta Constitution discussed three models most likely to receive the oil burner — starting with the one I personally expect, the Honda Accord. The other two models that were mentioned areHonda CRV the Civic and the CR-V. John Watts, manager of Honda’s US product planning, suggested that “That 2.2 could probably crank out about 200 horsepower and about 220 [pounds-feet of] torque at little rpm, vehicles like the Pilot [SUV] and Odyssey [minivan] are too big for a four-cylinder.”

Honda CivicNow don’t get me wrong, I’m happy Honda is considering importing the clean 2.2 liter diesel showing some pretty impressive performance over in Europe, but actually a vehicle like the Pilot and the Odyssey currently operate pretty well on a gasoline engine delivering 244 horsepower and 244 lb.-ft of torque. My thought is that a 2.2 liter diesel at 200 horsepower isn’t necessarily all that far off considering that Volkswagen’s Jetta, New Beetle, Golf and even the Passat operate with 4 cylinder diesels that develop only about 100 HP. (hey … its a diesel and low rpm torque is the key)


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