Flag flying over USS Arizona memorial

Posted By on August 21, 2006

Our final day in Hawaii has been a wonderful one. We enjoyed one last leisurely meal while on vacation at Stinger Ray’s listening to island music. (which is beginning to grow on me) The boarding time for our flight is still an hour away so figured one last photo of the flag over the USS Arizona would be appropriate. Looking forward to a followup with photos from my digital camera.


  • geoff miller

    I see that your vacation is over, but I enjoyed the daily updates. Just wanted you to know that your site was one that I checked daily just for the fun of it even though I started reading your posts for the other content. Will you be doing a recap of the vacation? Someday I would love to visit Hawaii and might make some of the same stops that you and your family did. Thanks again.-Geoff

  • Geoff,

    Thanks for the nice comment. We had a very nice time and you are reading my mind in regard to a follow-up. (more photos maybe?) I suppose it was a bit personal but I enjoyed using the Palm Treo to upload a photo or two along the way. Perhaps this weekend I can do a wrap up if I’m ambitious enough?


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