Mt Mauna Kea at 13796 feet

Posted By on August 17, 2006

13796 feetTwo days, two different volcanic summits. The first was on the ‘big island’ of Hawai’i and rises from the seafloor some 33000 feet of which 13,796 feet as see from the geological marker. Its the first time I’ve climbed to that altitude and was amazed at how thin the air is hiking at that level. (we drove the majority of the way but the summit is only accessable on foot) We were warned to have oxygen available and our guide thankfully had it in the van … just in case. Nevertheless it does take a turbocharged vehicle of sufficient displacement to scale the road up to the 12 observatories that are second only to the Hubble at making deep space discoveries.

One of the more famous is the Keck observatory. Photo of Taylor, Alex and Katelyn with steaming breath ‘in Hawaii’


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