Sailing to Lanai from Maui

Posted By on August 18, 2006

Alex Body surfingSince I have my Treo ‘tethered’ to my notebook computer in Maui I’ll put a couple more photos up rather than using the cellphone camera. (Sprint EVDO service here) We sailed over to the smaller island of Lanai (from Maui) which was something I love to do. The trip over in the morning was under power, but after a day of snorkling, swimming, body surfing (Photo Alex), sunning and hiking we had a wonderful sunset sail back. The day at the beach was definitely improved with a barbeque which tasted fantastic after the salt, sun and warm weather.
Sailing to Lanai

Lanai - Rich, Katelyn and Brenda
While on the island, there was a short hike away from the resorts and beach that was truly enjoyable. The view was wonderful … it was something we almost missed. Thankfully we didn’t. (Photo of your’s truly, Katelyn my daughter and my wife Brenda) The sail back was even better and I’ll include a quick snapshot of my daughter as the sun goes down behind Lanai. (as Arnold would say …. “I’ll be back.”)
Sunset over Lanai


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