Ernesto hit Carolinas & will dampen Labor Day

Posted By on September 1, 2006

Ernesto Rain at noon Friday
Ernesto made landfall last night at 11:30pm with a bit stronger winds than Florida. (see previous post) Wind gusts of 55 to 65 mph were common and the landfall pont was Long Beach North Carolina. According to reports, winds over 70 mph were recorded in some areas but for hurricane trackers, Ernesto came ashore as a tropic storm loaded with rain. Flash flooding is the major problem as some areas of the Carolinas have measured between 8 and 12 inches of rain.

Ernesto is moving through eastern Virginia and is still packing gust of over 60 mph. “Moderate to heavy rain extends from northeast North Carolina to the Maryland-Pennsylvania line and will continue its march northward through the Middle Atlantic and New York tonight and Saturday,” according to

Here is a tracking map of Ernesto with predictions as the Labor Day weekend arrives. No doubt about it, some areas are going to be wet.
Ernesto track as of Friday morning


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