Clean Diesel Made Better with Biodiesel

| September 8, 2006

Here is a great ‘diesel‘ article … read on at MSN Money. WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Modern, clean diesel engines will be a cornerstone of America’s energy solutions, and clean, renewable biodiesel fuel will be critical to the success of diesel-powered vehicles in the U.S. market, a DaimlerChrysler executive says. [-more-]

Shuttle Atlantis scrubbed for today

| September 8, 2006

Although there is a very tight window on Saturday due to “traffic” in space (that what they said!), space shuttle Atlantis, crew and ISS payload will attempt to get into space on Saturday, September 9th at 11:15 a.m. EDT. Today’s (Friday) launch attempt was delayed due to a fuel sensor system problem.

STS-115 launch still scheduled for 11:41AM

| September 8, 2006

The shuttle Atlantis sits on the pad this morning is set for liftoff from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 11:41 a.m. EDT this morning BUT comments being made at 10AM indicate that they are having some problems with the fuel shutoff circuit – the ECO sensors. That is considered a launch stopping concern and could […]

Ford’s Bold moves continue with F150 episode

| September 8, 2006

Ford Motor Company continues to try and rebuild its reputation as a solvent American car company with the internet based “Bold Moves” campaign. The recent update after announcing Alan Mulally the new President and CEO is a video clip on their segment leading F-150 pickup truck. I’ve often believed that American pickup buyers would be […]

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