Audi could capitalize on success of R10 TDI

Posted By on September 2, 2006

Interior of 2007 Audi TT
I stop in at Fairfield VW to pick up some power steering fluid for my daughter’s Jetta TDI and ran into sales manager Stu Williams. We talked for a few minutes about Volkswagen diesels, or lack thereof, and his disappointment in not having a 2007 model year TDI to sell. He indicated that they have nearly sold all of their allocated Jetta TDIs and that the number of 2006’s TDIs available in 2007 will be minimal. (VW has indicated they would continue to sell 2006s well into the 2007 model year) That said, sales for the Fairfield Ohio Volkswagen dealership has been very good as their new Rabbit, Jetta and Passat have been strong. To be honest, fuel economy on those models isn’t all that bad for ‘gassers.’ With the recent introduction of the new EOS hardtop convertible, VWoA should have a strong lineup going into 2007 even without the diesels. (although with high fuel cost the fuel efficient 2006 TDI Jetta diesel will be missed)

2007 Audi TTOur conversation returned to diesels as I commented on some of the other entries, or at least ‘talked about’ entries that might be coming to North America. One of the VW relatives will be the remodel Audi TT who has indicated it will be putting a diesel in the TT after the Le Mans success of the R10. I’m crossing my fingers that the R10 TDI’s success in the US will open the door here too? For those of us interested in a sporty diesel, this rumor promises to be something to watch for. According to a couple mentions on the internet, Audi considered a diesel in the previous TT, but decided the “remaining life cycle was too short to recuperate the investment.” The diesel engine option for the 2008 model year TT (said to be introduced next year – 2007) has not been announced.

*** For more on the 2007/2008 Audi TT see Left Lane News.


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