Jay Leno and GM’s biodiesel Super Sports Car

Posted By on October 31, 2006

Ecojet sports carWhat do you get when you take the nation’s biggest car company and a celebrity car buff creating a one of a kind sports car? A very cool alternatively powered (biodiesel mind you) supercar with a 650HP mid-engine Honeywell LT-101 modified turbine mated to a Corvette C6 transaxle and hydroformed aluminum frame. GM Advanced Design Studio’s
Honeywell Jet enginejoined Jay for this project car at the SEMA Show and have obviously injected a little “Cadillac” look to the carbon fiber body and lexan glass. Oh and yes of course Jay Leno crack a few jokes at the unveiling … “Will I drive it every day? Yeah, during the harvest.”

(See article at AutoBlogGreen.)
Jay poses with jar of biodiesel
Jay Leno poses with jar of biodiesel


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