Bad Larry: Flexible Auger Bit for electrical work

Posted By on November 11, 2006

Flexible drill bitI picked up a home improvement tip from “This Old House” that might come in handy for those needing to get a wire into a room without damaging plaster or wallboard — using “Bad Larry” as Alan the electrician and Host Kevin O’Connor call it. “Bad Larry” is a flexible drill bit, a screw tipped auger bit to be precise, and it is able to slip into an uninsulated wall cavity to bore through bracing, headers (depending on size), floors and ceilings. Obviously one point of caution is be to know what is in that wall cavity … and above or below depending on the direction you are drilling. The last thing you want to have happen when running a new cable TV outlet is to start an electrical fire! Nevertheless, a couple sources for special wiring tools and bits not found at the average hardware store would be MyToolStore Ideal Screw Point Flexible Bits and HomeTech’s General Wiring Tools section. Feel free to comment if you have other specialty tool sources … especially if both the price and quality is good!


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