Roy Beck on United States Immigration Policies

Posted By on November 17, 2006

Roy Beck speaks on immigration
Most Americans are compassionate people and want to do the right thing. We see immigrates as hardworking, family oriented and necessary to fill many unskilled jobs in America … just as they have in past generations. Unfortunately few of us have the insight or background to fully understand what our current immigration policies are doing to our country and how effectively they help population growth world wide. Hint — our current relaxed policies do little for either … in fact they may make the situation worse in just a generation or two.

Even if you are not politically savvy, do yourself a favor and watch the 13+ minute clip below before solidifying your position on United States Immigration policies. Roy Beck illustrates the problem with clarity and stresses the importance in dealing with it ‘now’ rather than when it become unmanageable. Hopefully after watching the google video clip, a few more Americans will encourage congress to put the issue on the front burner. (a petition available at



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