McWherter’s Fuel Depot in Delaware, Ohio

Posted By on November 16, 2006

Fuel Depot, Delaware OHI stopped at unmanned Fuel Depot’s biodiesel (B20) pump today in Delaware, Ohio (central Ohio north of Columbus) … and noted that prices are few cents higher than the more convenient Sunoco’s B20 pump. Price at the pump was $2.68/gallon to the $2.63 in Mt. Gilead. (exit 151 off I-71) Even though I’m considered frugal (I drive a VW TDI!), I’m still fond of the independently own (Earl and Keith McWherter) “Fuel Depot” since they were advocates for biodiesel and put it in a public pump before it was publicized. If you’re anywhere near Delaware, Ohio be sure to fill up your diesel vehicle.

Fuel Depot map
See Google Map for closer view.


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