More Ohio Biodiesel at Lebanon Fuel Center

Posted By on December 22, 2006

Toting my Palm Treo 700p with its handy cellphone camera feature, I decided to stop over and see Greg Allen at the Southwest Landmark fuel terminal in Lebanon, Ohio. (click photos for larger) I have been bugging Greg about putting the biodiesel in his public pumps for a while … ever since he became my summertime B100 or B99.5 supplier. SURPRISE … he finally did and and I just now found out!

SW Landmark Lebanon OhioThe current public pump blend is about 10% biodiesel/ 90% petroleum diesel called B10; it is a start. Greg commented today that keeping the biodiesel through the winter might be a challenge since he doesn’t have a heated storage facility. His concern is that once he picks up load at Peter Cremer in Cincinnati that his only storage is truck or tank. He assured me that higher percentage biodiesel would definitely be back by April 1st because his retail diesel fuel sales have “quadrupled.” (If you are a fuel retailer … take note … “quadrupled.”) So … if there are any locals looking for a place to fill their diesel vehicles with high quality Ohio grown, process and marketed fuel … considered the 24hr ‘card access’ Southwest Landmark Fuel Center in Lebanon, Ohio.
Map of Lebanon

Map of Southwest Landmark Inc:513-932-2015
555 N Broadway St Lebanon, OH 45036, US


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