“Holy Daedalus, Batman!”

Posted By on December 21, 2006

Is Yves Rolly a modern day Icarus or perhaps Batman? Maybe not, but when I heard about this “winged man” and his jet powered strap-on wing, all I could think about were the dreams of man flying like birds. Yves Rolly has figured it out and built a set of powered folding wings to strap on his back. He is no amateur tinkerer, but his four jet engine powered wing does leave room for one to question his sanity?

Rolly is an experienced pilot, having flown jets including the Mirage III for the Swiss military. He has work commercially as a pilot of DC-9s and Boeing 747s and continues to chase his aviation passion performing aerobatics, hanggliding, paragliding and skydiving. His experience would indicate that he is not a crackpot inventor, but a man with creativity and talent. If you enjoy experimental aviation, or even if you do not … check out Jet-Man.com and the short video clip below. Not only is this an impressive flight, but seeing him ‘jet’ around with the Swiss Alps in the background makes it doubly impressive.

[flv:JetMan_Oct2006H264.flv 480 355]


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