Where in the world is Donna Lange?

Posted By on January 20, 2007

Donna LangeI’ve posted before about solo circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange and will update that she is doing just fine after rounding Cape Horn. She seems to be enjoying the time socializing and exploring new places at the bottom tip of South America. (photo to right was taken in a different latitude)
On her ‘to do list’ is the repairing some of her equipment, including her auxiliary diesel engine, and resting her ankle and sore back while in Ushuaia Argentina. I suspect she is also waiting for a break in the weather — she reports lots of wind. Her Internet savvy friends are also quickly scrambling to get her website donnalange.com back online as the considerable interest recently has taxed the web server, no doubt the Ken Barnes rescue and NPR story generated a few additional hits? I’ll included her message updates here for those interested in reading what going on. Keep us posted Donna!


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