Biodiesel fill on a ‘foggy’ February day

Posted By on February 21, 2007

Foggy February Morning
The fog didn’t really disappear until about noon today during my careful drive up I-71 — no comments Tim. Thankfully by the time I was to exit 151, between Columbus and Cleveland Ohio, the sun was almost out and fog about gone. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the fog while driving since I had my Palm Treo 700p in it new iGrip holder. (see last weeks post)

Renewables price update for 02/21/2007
At exit 151, Mt. Gilead, is my favorite convenient renewable fuel Sunoco station. They have done a great job of keeping prices competitive so it makes stopping there all the more palatable. While I did see a Pilot station selling diesel at $2.43 down the road, filling with B-20 for only 10 cents more is really not that bad. I know many of my biodiesel oriented friends would love to be able to fill with with B-2, B-5 or B-20 price even close to $2.50 a gallon. The sun is out as I grab a sandwich and salad … looks like a great February day in Ohio considering the nasty weather of the past week.
Filling my BIODZL Volkswagen Jetta TDI


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