Alternative/Renewable Energy investor alert

Posted By on February 20, 2007

AlertDaniel Fisher in the February 26th issue of Forbes wrote an ‘investor beware’ article titled “Kissycat and the Magic Diesel.” ( MP3 audio interview with Dan Fisher here.) The article points out a new capital generation favorite of penny stock pushers … “Renewable Energy Companies.” Everyone loves this new alternative energy market, from President Bush to most members of the US congress, and anyone trying to get rich off the latest hot trend. These stock seller are going full tilt to capitalize on grabbing as many investor dollars as possible while they sling buzz terms like “renewable, biofuel, alternatives, etc.”

One of the companies Daniel Fisher highlights is U.S. Sustainable Energy Corporation which has been business marketing their ‘secret process for turning soybeans into liquid gold at a rate (five gallons per bushel) that experts say defies the laws of chemistry and physics.” The USSE plant in Natchez, Mississippi is ‘suppose to’ begin producing 1.5 million gallons a day of biodiesel-like fuel from soybeans — that’s twice the current biodiesel output the entire United States produces! Investor beware … this wouldn’t be the first ‘too good to be true’ fluff designed to strip dollars from naive investors; read more in Daniel Fisher’s article. (if you are not a member, remember that is your friend in offering logins and passwords)


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