Mobile ‘Slinging’ in Ohio on Sprint’s network

Posted By on April 18, 2007

Slingplayer Full screen
Those of you paying attention several of my past posts will recognize that I’ve enjoyed SlingMedia’s “Slingbox’ and the ability to send a home video signal out over a broadband connection. The home video feed (TV, Tivo, DVR, etc) is then received by a Slingplayer equipped device. Pretty cool technology that works amazingly well.

A couple weeks ago I tested the beta release of the Slingplayer on my Palm Treo 700p and was impressed at how well the Sprint EV-DO network worked while driving in Ohio. Instead of using the mobile phone for a player this week, I decided to tether it to my Windows Vista OS Gateway notebook and see how well it ran. Amazing results — I managed to keep the connection going all the way from Cincinnati to Columbus Ohio with only 2 glitches in between. They were pauses … more than likely handoffs between cell towers … and as much as we all gripe about our cellphone service and dropped calls, my hat off to Sprint. Oddly though, while driving through Columbus, the connection would not hold?


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