Memorial Day 2007 and a Birthday Bash Video

Posted By on May 27, 2007

In remembrance of those who gave their lives for our country, I paused for a moment to retire our tattered flag and hoisted a new one. As a nation and a people we have so much … I thank God for our nation and for those who gave their lives to found, secure and protect her. Thank you also to all those who have served in this role … past and present.

Katie and TaylorThis long holiday weekend was also Taylor and his good friend Katie’s end of year Birthday Bash. A couple local high school bands played some gentle melodious music, which I’m sure was enjoyed by our neighbors. [/sarcasm] Interesting after thought … we’ve had many larger parties at our house, but most of the time parents dropped off their kids; now that most are driving, the logistics of so many cars and finding a place to park kicked in.

At about 10 PM, I counted over 200 kids in our backyard and who knows how many more milling around the lake and still arriving? Cars were parked on both sides of the street, our yard (front and back) … some latecomers probably walked 1/4 mile. The early ‘daylight’ photos don’t do the crowd justice. Thankfully for us, most of Taylor and Katie’s friends are outstanding kids and very respectful toward each other, property and parents. Yes we had a few incidents along with ‘word of mouth party’ crashers, but even those kids were reasonably respectful. A quick word of ‘thanks’ to Katie’s parents for bravely helping to chaperone. What a way to kick off summer.

Here’s a video clip from the party …


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