Donna Lange at the 2007 Bristol, RI Boat Show

Posted By on May 28, 2007

Donna Lange Home at LastDonna Lange and her boat “Inspired Insanity” will be at the Bristol Boat Show in Rhode Island on June 2nd and 3rd for those interested; perhaps this will be a final update until Donna’s book is published? She will be at the Boat show and will greet all who are interested, as well as entertaining passersby with her music. It will be an enjoyable time for anyone in the area who enjoys the waterfront, boats or following Donna’s voyage online. If you attend, be sure to say hello to Donna and give her a ‘hug’ from Rich.

Note from Donna:
We are getting ready for the Bristol Boatshow coming next weekend June 2&3. Inspired Insanity will be placed right along Independence Park’s stone wall as long as the weather isn’t tempestuous, giving all who come to the fair a look and feel for the living conditions that added to my experience. I’ll be playing music alongside friends and the bands scheduled to play from 11-3pm. To all the local followers, Please come by and enjoy the days!!


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