Solar Decathlon 2007 – 3 month 7 days away

Posted By on June 7, 2007

NoraFirst … “Happy Birthday Nora” … a regular reader of my daily ramblings … and wonderful friend to my daughter. (perhaps I’m a day late, but wrote it late on June 7th.)

Second, the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2007 that Nora is participating in as part of her engineering project at Santa Clara University is nearing … 3 month and 7 days according to the website; how’s the house coming along? (read earlier post here)

Third, I’m tired from an out of town trip, brain dead for reasons unknown and am staring at my computer’s wallpaper; the sailboat “Timeless” … which is a privately owned Freedom 35 that my wife and I decided was ‘our boat’ back in the mid-1990’s … and still is today. We regularly made a family pilgrimage to Annapolis every October to attended the best Sail Boat show in the nation, and each year came to the same conclusion — if we couldn’t afford a custom built sailboat, we wanted a Freedom 35. As the years passed, it has been move from ‘dream’ status to semi-realistic ‘goal’ status. I only hope it comes before I’m too old to enjoy it?

Timeless - Freedom 35
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