A big Akron Ohio fish story

Posted By on July 18, 2007

AlligatorIts one thing to find a frozen boa constrictor in Ohio, but another to catch a live 4 to 5 foot alligator! (cellphone photo | see WKYC) Sixth grader Robert Pendleton Jr. had a “cool fishing experience” as the 14 year old described it. The boy was fishing with his 10 year old brother at Summit Lake when he thought he saw the head of an alligator. He tossed his fishing line over and missed the first and second cast, then on the third cast he was able to set the lure in the gator’s mouth. Robert slowly reeled the alligator to shore although admits it was “hard to get him in.”

As young Pendleton worked the reptile to shore, his mom called the animal control department and Jim Farrance made his way quickly over to Summit Lake and helped pull the gator from the water. He caged him and took him to the Humane Society of Greater Akron in Cuyahoga Falls. According to the director, this alligator, or perhaps cayman, is the first to be brought to the local Humane Society; they suspect it may have been a pet and either escaped or was released into the lake or nearby Ohio Canal.

Summit Lake


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