Moe Witschard Photography, Bozeman, Montana

Posted By on July 3, 2007

Dunes Abstract
Oh I know there are plenty of great photographers and gorgeous portfolio sites available on the Internet, but Moe Witschard’s work impressed me enough to mention him. I’m planning on in including a print in my office someday … but which one?

Big Timber Falls in Montana

Donna Lange sent me a few photos of her sons Keel and Cooper kayaking out in Montana and I was intrigued to check out the photographer. I’ve always enjoyed outdoor adventure photos and so besides included a couple below thought I’d mention Moe Witschard’s site. Besides being interesting to me, my friend Jeff regularly heads west to ski, hike, fly fish or to capture some natural beauty might enjoy some inspiration. If you’re interested in some great den photos, a few of Mr. Witschards’ photos are available as fine art prints.

Skiing Moe Wischard


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