A big Tuesday for Clinton and McCain in NH

Posted By on January 9, 2008

Election 2008The primary turnout in New Hampshire was extremely high and big numbers helped Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Senator John McCain for the Republicans. Mitt Romney who came in second in Iowa behind Mike Huckabee also came in second in New Hampshire. Largely unnoticed for a second state in a row was the perceived GOP front-runner Rudy Giuliani, who is campaigning hard in the larger states.
McCain Clinton
On the Democratic side, Barrack Obama looked to be the media favorite after winning in Iowa, but his mostly young voters were not enough to defeat the former first lady. Senator John Edwards was yet again another non-issue, but passionately said that there were “48 more states and 99% of the voters yet to be counted.” The primaries have just started, yet watching the candidates I’m already getting tired; the 2008 campaign is going to be extraordinarily grueling!


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