LSU beats OSU in BCS Championship game

Posted By on January 8, 2008

OSU LSU BCS 2008As halftime winds down, the Ohio State Buckeyes return to the field after an outstanding performance by the OSU Marching Band in the BCS National Championship game in New Orleans. I’m struggling to gain a bit of confidence back after LSU scored 24 unanswered points to lead 24 to 10. The LSU Tigers take the first possession in the 3rd quarter and they are looking almost as strong as when they ended the first half. Its actually shocking considering LSU is playing against the 2007 number one defense in college football?

As LSU continues to ‘romp’ on the Buckeyes (31-10 3rd quarter), the OSU defense racks up yet a couple more big penalties. A roughing the kicker and personal foul kept a LSU drive alive and they cashed in big again with another touchdown. As I sit quietly and sulk, my wife reminded me that this is Ohio … and we live under the Ohio curse when it comes to sports.

The 4th quarter starts with a twinkle of hope for Ohio State as they were able to stop the Tigers after the Buckeye defense picked off a pass and nearly ran it back for a score. A couple nail biting plays later and OSU was able to add point with a 4th down gamble. Score stands LSU 31 and OSU 17. Not much time but they are at least moving … but only 12 minutes?

The twinkle has nearly been extinguished as Ohio State quarterback Todd Bechman had the ball batted loose on a 4th down play handing the ball back to LSU. Still 14 points down and only 9 minutes left. Which will end first … the battery my computer or the game? (yes I’m rambling)

Speaking of rambling, the clock is ticking and the play calling questionable as running plays and huddles continue to waste time. At 6:20 seconds another sack is delivered by the LSU defense … where is the hurry up mode? One of the things I’ve noticed is that the coverage against the Buckeyes’ receivers is to be commended while pressure on Bechman serious. AND it has just paid off with 5:45 left to play … an interception that should seal the championship win for LSU.

In the final two minutes, LSU continued to grind it out with Hester on the ground until a quick toss into the endzone added more points. OSU comes back with a futile touchdown which makes the final score: LSU 38 – OSU 24.

While blogging on college football, it might be worth posting a YouTube clip of a great play (perhaps the greatest play as my friend Nate mentioned) called the Mississippi Miracle.

End Zone angle of the final play of Trinity vs. Millsaps Football. Down 24-16 with just over two minutes to go, Trinity’s Riley Curry scored to cut the lead to 24-22. After a missed two point conversion attempt, Trinity’s defense held Millsaps to a three-and-out without using any timeouts. The Tigers were left with two seconds and 60 yards to go for a score. 15 laterals and 62 seconds later, Trinity crossed the goal line to win the game and take the upper hand in the conference standings. Seven of the 11 players for Trinity touched the ball including, Blake Barmore, Shawn Thompson, Riley Curry, Josh Hooten, Michael Tomlin, Stephen Arnold, and Brandon Maddux.


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