“The Mug” is being auctioned off on EBay

Posted By on January 14, 2008

“The Mug” — EBay find of the day! (consider bidding for charity)
The MugSince only a couple of my family members regularly make it to my blog, I’ll clue the rest of you in on a ‘feud’ that has been going on for long enough. My ‘dear’ sister-in-law (let’s call her “Chris”), left her favorite United Dairy Farmers coffee mug (nicknamed: “The Mug”) in New York this past November. I happened to be visiting shortly after she left and was asked to bring her UDF coffee mug home to Cincinnati. If I’m guilty of anything … smile … it might have been taunting her with photos of me using her coffee mug to drink my morning coffee? Shortly after sending the photo, I received a nasty letter from her lawyer (aka: “Scumbag” Husband — let’s just refer to him affectionately as “Scumbag” since he’s a lawyer).

In December, the extended family gathering in western New York for the holidays soon learned of the feud, and Chris pretended she was an innocent angel by making a paltry attempt to negotiate the release of “The Mug” — she gave me a brand new replacement UDF Mug as a gift. (nice touch) Unfortunately, it was accompanied by a scathing two page threat with some legal weasel acronyms which quickly shut down any further social communication pertaining to “The Mug” for 2007.

The new year brought hope until email conversations escalated once again with these two vermin. I tried to force their hand by using “Mr. Bill claymation” style photos so they might understand “The Mug’s” plight if they didn’t cease and desist and drop their legal shenanigans. Shockingly I received even more threatening emails … this time from a middle eastern acquaintance of my brother-in-law who goes by the name of Faoud Z___ … who asked if I enjoyed “sleeping with the camels?”
posterIn a last ditch attempt last week, I sent a very attractive and classy ‘plastic’ clock which included a fine portrait of “The Mug” with cut out letters: “Time is running out.”grin. This peace offering fell on deaf ears and their response back was ruthless and Evil (with a capital ‘E’). In the middle of the night, Chris sent her covert operatives on a risky two hour round trip to our neighborhood in order to place slanderous signs that implied both my wife and I participated in “mug thievery.” The frightening photos of such criminals in our neighborhood left the children waiting for the school bus emotionally scarred — heartless! What kind of person would do that? An NO, she didn’t even have a permit for the signs! Hmm … prepare to be put on the Sheriff’s most wanted list.

ebay logoSuffice to say, this has to end … so as a final olive branch I am offering up “The Mug” on EBay in hopes to generate a few dollars for my brother-in-law’s Romanian Handicapped Ministry (I think I’ll match donations … within reason!) If you would like to be of help, consider bidding up the price on “The Mug” … or adding this link to your blog?


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