Airplane crash kills 4, including my friend John

Posted By on January 13, 2008

Cessna 340 twin engine plane crash
It has a been a challenging weekend as I’ve just heard that a good friend John McCarter, his wife, and two friends lost their lives in an airplane accident probably on their way to lunch near Lake Erie. (something he would regularly do) In talking with John over the past few weeks, he was excited for his friend Dave Eckstein (fellow pilot) who had recently purchase a new ‘to him’ twin engine Cessna 340 airplane. According to press reports, they had just flown over Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport near Port Clinton, Ohio and announced their intentions to land. Preliminary reports from the crash scene indicated that the flaps were in landing configuration and wheels were down and that they were on the flight path for a landing. No indication of problems were received by radio or noted from the ground, but the impact looks to have killed all four instantly. In talking with John’s adult son this afternoon, preparations are being made for services later this week — I have heartache for the families.


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