This Old House highlights New Orleans rebuilding

Posted By on February 2, 2008

This Old House Shotgun NO homeThe PBS television This Old House will be broadcasting a series on rebuilding in New Orleans. The long running home remodeling program offers up a glimpse at how a few areas are rebuilding and are returning; they’ll do it with a look at the unique architecture and at the resilient people who call New Orleans home.
Branford and HarryThe introductory episode airing early in 2008 took a look at the project spearheaded by Harry Connick Jr. and Branford Marsalis known as Musicians Village. It is a project which has partnered with Habitat for Humanity International and New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity to create a neighborhood of homes for the areas musical talent. The area has deep roots in music and this heritage is one of the reasons many people visit the city — see the video clip below.

The This Old House television program will spend much of the 2008 season following the rebuilding an 1892 “shotgun” style home in the historic Lower Ninth Ward. The owner Rashida Ferdinand purchased the home as a remodeling project in 2004 just before Katrina. It looks to be an interesting year both on the program and by watching the project move along online. (See the webcam)


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