EAA284 Chapter meets to see Zodiac 601 project

Posted By on June 12, 2008

Our EAA chapter (EAA284) had an enjoyable Sunday afternoon meeting this past weekend at the Lebanon, Ohio home of one of our members, Ivan Reznor. Our gracious host let us check out his Zenithair Zodiac 601 taildragger project taking over part of his garage and half the basement. (his wife must be one of a kind)

Ivan’s work on the all 6061 aluminum kit project looks great and he showed me a few unique features to the Chris Heintz designs. For example, the ailerons are not hinged like my Sonex or most planes, but move due to the flexing of the attached riveted wingskins.
Zodiac 601 aileron

For power Ivan has opted to rebuild a six cylinder Corvair engine. He currently has his block taken apart on the bench and is in the process of rebuilding based on the well researched and tested work of William Wynne.

The meeting photos (taken by Bob Imbronyev —link) from June 8th meeting at Ivan Reznor’s home. (thanks Ivan for hosting the meeting. Great project)


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