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Posted By on June 11, 2008

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I continue to find more uses for the FREE cellphone to email/reminder service. Today I tinkered with the new RSS “listening” feed reader (in audio on your cellphone) while waiting for an appointment.

Mark and Judy HandleyI set up the feed in my Jott control panel to include a daily sailing blog from friends who are cruising from Australia to Indonesia this summer. Judy (traveling with her husband Mark) writes an excellent ship’s log and her summary of each day is enjoyable reading. So instead of using the computer to get today’s dose of, I check my “Jott Feeds” from my cellphone. Here’s the capture audio from today’s “Jott read” Day 33 Year 3 post. (866-JOTT-123)

Watson’s Bay, Lizard Island, Queensland, Australia

Watson’s Bay, Lizard Island, Queensland, Australia


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